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Dr. Luu Ireland, OBGYN at UMass Memorial

A.K.A. "La cara de la muerte / O rosto da morte / وجه الموت / La faccia della morte/ פני המוות/ 对 死亡/Het gezicht van de Dood/Лицо смерти/Das Gesicht des Todes/Twarz Śmierci/Khuôn mặt của Thần chết/Dødens ansigt/ Le visage de la mort"    


The Face of Death

If an abortion fails … leave the baby to cry, writhe, and die  —  and if it does not, just put it in a biohazard bag and toss it in the trash!

Dr. Luu Ireland, OBGYN at UMass Memorial —  and the Delivery of Death


Dr. Luu Ireland, OBGYN at UMass Memorial


Why wear a White Lab Coat to a Political Hearing?

Dr. Luu Ireland, OBGYN at UMass Memorial


at Proceedings from the Joint Committee on the Judiciary concerning Massachusetts’ ROE Act 

First a quick anecdote (actually two):

“As I happened to be picking out nectarines, I glanced up and felt that I was hallucinating. In escaping the hospital, I found it inescapably in front of me: a man in his white coat. In one of those moments where you realize something is wrong but don’t know what, I thought maybe I had not seen him correctly. Maybe he was a chef and was wearing a white apron? Or maybe I was still in the hospital, and this was normal? Snapping to reality, I realized he was at Winn-Dixie, and I was too. He was wearing a white coat, but I was not. I took out my camera and snapped away. My first reaction was: What the hell? This is gross. First, I don’t even leave the hospital without washing my hands. This guy brought 20 square feet of a microbiological zoo to buy fried chicken!” Shivam Joshi, MD 

Even more absurd than an intern from a hospital wearing his lab coat in a grocery store, is Dr. Luu Ireland, OBGYN appearing before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary concerning Massachusetts’ ROE Act  —  in hers!!!


“Like a shaman’s costume or the face paint of a witch doctor; the white coat appears to create a psychological power behind the care we provide. It says, “Trust me, I’m a doctor.” This potentially adds a powerful placebo effect to the proposed treatment.”

It was a farce! The “learned doctor” knew so much more than the ignorant peasants sitting in the chamber, and even emphatically lifted her finger to point it out! It was rather like a Funeral Director wearing his or her “lab coat” running out of the embalming room to attend and support what he does at a CDC meeting on emerging pathogens in cadaverine. The analogy is altogether apt.

Here is another from the Mayo Clinic:

“Physicians wear professional business attire unless they need to wear scrubs, as the organization’s “uniform”. They liken this choice to not wanting to see a commercial pilot wear casual clothes to fly a plane.” 

Indeed, why not a mechanic showing up at a national SAE meeting in his coveralls? The analogies are too numerous and ridiculous to apply.

This is what she is saying by wearing the doctor’s lab coat: “Trust me, I’m a doctor.”

A Lust for Death: watch the video —  it is not long


Proceedings from the Joint Committee on the Judiciary concerning Massachusetts’ ROE Act

Representative Sheila Harrington:
“So you’re saying that you don’t want to — if the baby is born alive, you don’t want to be forced into doing what you have, what you could to keep it alive.”

Doctor Death:
“So, first of all, I’ve never been in that situation. I do not think that that actually happens in medical care.”

Only an MD that lives in Luu-Luu Land could make that statement with a straight face. Or is she so poorly informed of current procedures and practices in the area of her medical specialization, viz. OBGYN, that she is unaware of the actual occurrences of such atrocities? That does not speak well for her professional development. If her ignorance is feigned, then she is a liar. If her ignorance is genuine, her lack of awareness of current practices and policies in her field of specialization is not just alarming, but appalling —  especially for any prospective woman she may “treat”!

Representative Sheila Harrington:
“I think it happens. I think it happens.”

Rep. Harrington's rebuttal caused those in attendance to laugh at Dr. Luu’s pretentious ignorance of what is going on — IN HER OWN SPECIALIZED FIELD (as though she doesn’t really know ... but then again, she is wearing a white lab coat in public so we most “trust her”, for she is obviously a doctor and the overwhelming majority of us are ignorant peasants posing as laymen).

In Luu-Luu Land

Get educated in your field, Cher Docteur La Mor: 


Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal
July 9, 2019

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