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Amerikan Katholiks

and the August 19th,  1934

Election of November 3rd,  2020

The Murderous Demokratik Party of America

A Practicing Catholic cannot coherently be both a Democrat and a Catholic

You must Choose!


Envision this: It is Germany, August 19, 1934, and a plebiscite (popular) vote of 90% 1 results in Adolph Hitler assuming the presidency of Germany.

Of course, to personally vote for a political candidate is to actually affirm a correspondence between, and an agreement with, your convictions and values and those of the politician.

That is why you would choose to vote for that candidate: he represents your convictions and values which you wish to see promoted. Of course, there will be subordinate issues with which you may be in disagreement with him, but they will not be of sufficient importance to you in influencing your decision to vote for him.

Despite (until recently) revisionist history, the German people were well aware of Hitler’s ambitions — and either “despite” or “because of” these ambitions — they chose to place him in office and his policies into effect.

The popular German vote in 1934 had — were we to use a euphemism — “profound” consequences:

They knew that Adolf Hitler had repeatedly forecast the extermination of every Jew on German soil. They knew these details because they had read about them. They knew because the camps and the measures which led up to them had been prominently and proudly reported step by step in thousands of officially-inspired German media articles [in 24 main newspapers— ed.] and posters 2

You Know Where this is going, don’t you?

For a Catholic to vote as a Democrat (that is to say, to agree with, and to promote the murderous, perverse, and corrupt policies of the Democratic Party) and for Biden as President, is precisely what Germans did in 1934. They did not “turn a blind eye” to his murderous plan for Jews and Slavs. They approved of it. They enabled it. It was not a “subordinate issue”.

And neither is abortion a “subordinate issue” in voting for Democrats whose platform supports the murder of children through abortion — to say nothing of their militant demand for promoting perverse homosexual inclusivity in every political and social sphere together with draconian legislation to enforce it. These, in fact, are two major goals of the otherwise diffuse Democratic platform.

You cannot be claim to be a Catholic and vote for  a political party that:

  • promotes murder through abortion

  • disordered perversity through the LGBTQ+ umbrella of “Inclusivity.”

Why? Because two millennia of Catholic Teaching, Tradition, and Dogma anathematize murder and sexual perversion. It is inseparable from your professed Catholic Faith. You can no more vote for Democrats than a Jew or Slav could vote for Hitler in 1934. They knew what the consequences would be! They could not pretend otherwise!

In their case it would cost them their own lives; in the present case it would cost the lives of millions of babies and promote the fiction that homosexual perversion is as American as Apple Pie.

Oh, yes — even in civil law, if you “promote” murder, “procure it”, “commission it”, or are “accessory to” it — you are guilty of Murder! If this holds true in the City of Man, how, as a Catholic, do you expect to be held to less account in the City of God?

Do not compound your sin of complicity in murder and sodomy with the sin of Presumption: that “God will forgive you because He is all-forgiving.”

He is not.

Know your Faith before you enter the polls! You will likely enter with the Sin of Intent and exit with the Sin in Deed. In both cases you will have both renounced and repudiated your Catholic Faith — apart from which there is no salvation: “extra Ecclesiam nulla salus” — a Dogma from the  beginning of the Holy Catholic Church.

Take no consolation from the present pope who, defying Christ Himself, tells you that everyone of any and all religions or no religion at all attains to salvation. Apart from this product of a strikingly delusional episode — among his many such episodes — you will not find it in Holy Scripture or the entire Patralogia Latina or the Patralogia Graeca (the writings of the Latin and Greek Church Fathers).

Please do not weary me by taking refuge in the political distinctions that characterize actual Nazism (a racial ideology) and the Democratic Party — which also has become another iteration of racial ideology as well as an incoherent and unsustainable economic ideology. Communism (an ideology of class incompatibility) could serve equally well. All three are totalitarian, necessarily admitting of no opposition, rational discourse, and most especially any intimation of toleration or dissent from the “Party line”. All are quite comfortable with the notion of killing infants.

No political party, as no human being, is immune to evil. Some, however, are acutely susceptible to it and particularly adept at implementing it.

We have mentioned three — Nazism, Communism, and the Democratic Party — and all of them are not simply inimical to Catholicism, but incapable of being reconciled with it.

One cannot — cannot coherently be both a Democrat and a Catholic

It is simply the case — despite your purely subjective desire that it were otherwise — that one cannot vote for a politician or political party that is vociferously pro-Abortion and Pro-Homosexual (the Democratic Party) — and claim to be Catholic, much as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does — any more than one can commit murder and maintain that doing so does not incur guilt. If the merest vestige of reason still resides in your waking states, please do not embarrass yourself with the lame excuse that you are “personally opposed” to abortion and sodomy ... but are “not a single-issue voter”. After all, as you are likely to further say, “lots of other issues are important!” in your decision to vote for a candidate.

Really? Let us be remorselessly frank: to argue this in America’s 2020 Presidential Election is to argue that exterminating Jews and Slavs did not make German voters singularly complicit in mass murder following the 1934 election of Adolf Hitler. Of course, there were the harsh and unjust reparations imposed on Germany following the Treaty of Versailles after World War I, and the subsequent economic hyper-inflation that left the nation bankrupt, to say nothing of joblessness, and political unrest ... that were “important, too! Are you, then, prepared to argue that the Nazi Party’s obsession with the extermination of Jews and Slavs was not sufficient of itself to warrant your not supporting them? Were the other “issues” equally compelling? History has already told us — yes? I mean, right? Or have we not learned anything at all —  after all?

  • Es ist nicht möglich! 

  • “Non potest. 

  • “Ce n'est pas possible.

  • 這不可能。” 

  • It is not possible!
    In any language and under all conditions.

It is Called Being an “Accessory to Murder”

In Common Law, being an “Accessory” to a crime (in this case murder) attains to the same culpability — the same responsibility — as the “Principal” of the crime (the murderer himself) — and is subject to the same penalty as the Principal. In other words, you may not have personally dismembered the baby in its mother’s womb, or snipped its spinal cord — but you promoted this, enabled this, by your franchise or suffrage (your voting) at the ballot box. Apart from your vote to license murder through abortion, the doctor-turned-killer would be out of a lucrative “job” and Planned Parenthood would be relegated to a contemptible and inexpungable episode in our collective political and social memory.

Do you really think that murder in the eyes of God is of less consequence than in the eyes of men — that if the State lets you get away with it, God will, too?

Choose: your Democratic Party politics — or your Catholic Faith. They are absolutely irreconcilable

“Non potestis calicem Domini bibere, et calicem daemoniorum; non potestis mensae Domini participes esse, et mensae daemoniorum.” *

Go: learn what this means.

Amerika the Brutal

Oh, yes — these are the very same people who support and encourage rioting, the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, Socialism, arresting Pro-Lifers for the harmless expression of their First Amendment Right to Free Speech by writing prolife messages on sidewalks using chalk while leaving violent anarchists and lawless rioters to paint profanity and racist slogans on anything vertical or horizontal; who destroy public property, pull down Catholic statues, deface or burn Catholic Churches, assault citizens and police — anything representing the American government, heritage and history.

They support the opiated “autonomous zones” of lawlessness where 48-year-old men who never became adults still use skateboards and wear baseball caps backwards; where criminals, delinquents, malcontents, miscreants, and the mentally ill, spray-paint profound statements like “Kill Wit people” [sic]. Not the brightest crayons in the box.

They are the governors of states and mayors of cities and other petty “officials” who promote such violence and destruction, agree with it, or at the very least tolerate it either as a matter of political and social conviction — or out of fear of the violent mob. They are your Demokratik Congressmen, Congresswomen and Senators (you voted them in).

Unprecedented Malice

Never has such malice, such hatred for the good, the moral, the just, and every upright principle — and most especially those that promote Christian values — been seen in America since its founding. It is nothing less than the catalyst to totalitarianism — the suppression and criminalization of any opposition or dissent.

“Demokrats” and “Toleration” cannot co-exist. Free Speech? Only for those who toe the Party line. Any other speech is deemed “hate speech”. Even the Bible!

Do you really fall for this madness? Humiliate yourself by
 “Taking the knee” to BLM  —  but not to Christ? Imagine … not simply arguing with, but forcing those who disagree with you, to their knees! — even one’s “comrades” in anarchy: Sports, Politics, State Houses, and the militantly Leftist Media. It matters not. One and all fear violent reprisal from the Left — and lacking a spine, collapse to their knees.
This is “Amerika the Brutal”  —  which is to say, the Demokratik Party flexing their power.



You did anyway, didn’t you? You voted Democrat, no matter how vicious, corrupt and cruel they are. You thought that you could weasel your way as a Catholic committed to murdering babies (Oh, I know that you are “personally opposed” to this Liberal and Leftist holocaust, but the “other liberal policies” are simply much more to your liking to dissuade you from voting to enter into complicity with murder. “Why cry over spilled milk blood”? ) and following the prevailing social and political line espousing every imaginable license for every sort of moral putrescence and sexual perversion and mutilation. And still you are resolute that you are “a good Catholic.” After all, you still receive Holy Communion, right? ... from your priest ... who is a registered Demokrat, too. Ja?


* “You cannot drink the chalice of the Lord, and the chalice of devils: you cannot be partakers of the table of the Lord, and of the table of devils.” (1 Corinthians 10.21)



Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal

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