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Peter’s Pence Francis’s Penance

Not a single cent should be sent to Peter's (Francis's) Pence

Not a Single Cent!

“I will not say one single word about this”

(Francis’s astoundingly evasive —  and implicative —  response, when asked if Archbishop Carlo Viganò’s statements were true in a publicly disclosed 11 page document accusing Francis of knowledge of the rampant homosexual priest-bishop-cardinal scandal including his own hiding of a predator homosexual priest from civil authorities.)


Well, clearly he will not. But we will! 

When the time comes for the next  Peter’s Pence Collection, in light of Francis’s arrogance and complicity, allow us to have our say in the matter and recommend the following:

Do not put in ONE Single Penny!

Send Francis — together with the debauched and nefarious bishops who are in complicity with him — a message they cannot ignore! They WILL take note! Guaranteed! Money talks! Especially to the tune of the $70, 000,000  to “Peter’s Pence” —  from the United States alone!  (that was in 2012: the last date  in which we could find any data at all— and even that source is unreliable);  it speaks especially forcefully in bishop’s chanceries throughout the world — to say nothing of the consistently questionable Vatican Bank.

Withhold any Contribution to “Peter’s Pence”!

Unlike regular collections that support the local parish and diocese (and “other causes” — such as the former 2.2 million dollar 6,000 square foot personal residence of liberal Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory  in 2014);  their airline tickets, hotel expenses, all meals paid, chauffeurs, office and secretarial staff, medical and health benefits, etc., — unlike these “perks”, “Peter’s Pence” goes directly to Rome and Francis himself decides where the money — your money — from Peter’s Pence goes! Given his track record for supporting secular, social, environmental, aboriginal, and other questionable causes, this definitely gives us pause for thought. 

The sanctimonious drivel that it supports countless projects for “the poor and the marginalized” is a meme worthy of Madison Avenue advertising. We don’t know where it goes! According to Italian writer Gianluigi Nuzzi in his Merchants in the Temple, “we know how much money has been collected from the faithful but not how it is spent. Absolute secrecy is maintained around this detail.”

Let us, then, put the entire matter into perspective: Francis has proven himself intractable to questioning. He has obstinately refused to answer questions during his pontificate, and remains stubbornly silent in the face of overwhelming evidence, whether it is:

  • five simple questions submitted by Cardinals in a humble Dubia or simple questions  —  never answered, or in an act of contempt, even so much as  acknowledge

  • or the documented accusations of Archbishop Carlo Viganò, to which he audaciously replied, “I will not say one single word about this.”

  •  or the Filial Correction published by 250 lay scholars and Catholic clergy addressed to the bishops of the world accusing Francis of 7 specific heresies — which, too, went unacknowledged and unanswered.

  • or the Letter to Pope Francis from Catholic Women which, too, was ignored despite having 47,000 signatures of professors, religious, laywomen, mothers, wives, etc. who legitimately assert that they “have a right to know. We have a right to your answers.”

  • or Father Weinandy’s — former chief of staff for the U.S. Bishops' Committee on Doctrine — who was asked by the U.S. bishops to resign from the International Theological Commission for his letter criticizing Pope Francis —  personal letter to Francis criticizing the current pontificate for fostering “chronic confusion” in an open letter to Pope Francis and who  stated that the “four defining ecclesial marks” — One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church —  are presently in peril and that the threat that is most dangerous comes from within the Church episcopacy, including at its apex, Francis himself.


Francis is obstinate, contemptuous, insolent, disdainful and autocratic

In other words, he cares absolutely nothing about what you think or who you are. He’s the pope and he knows that, “no one judges the pope” — an authentically Catholic doctrine. He answers to no one!

Is this to say that it is Catholic Doctrine that a pope should remain obstinately (and audaciously) silent when asked a question? Of course not! Common courtesy dictates otherwise. Is a pope above common courtesy?

The Plaguing Question: “Why?” — if there is nothing incriminating, why not respond?

It is, essentially a juvenile or immature response that effectively states:

“I don’t have to answer you because, if I do, I know that I will be in trouble. If I say nothing you can’t make me, and I won’t get into any trouble! In virtue of my position as pope I have no obligation to be forthright, polite, decent, honest, and not deceptive — and you can’t say a word about it because canon law states that “no one judges the pope”, and because I am above judgment by anyone, and canonically unimpeachable, I can do as I please and you can go fly!

Absurd?  Put it in a Larger Context:

Billions of dollars have been spent to cover up, pay-off or in the realm of civil law (to which abused victims had to appeal because of the failure and refusal of bishops to act to protect them within their authority in the Faith) in legal and court fees, to settle thousands of credible and factual accusations concerning the perverse actions of predatory homosexual cardinals, bishops, and priests — in the United States alone!

Consider this:

More than three billion dollars ($3,000,000,000)that’s right: nine zeros after the 3 is not a “typo”) of your money in the Collection Basket has gone to litigation and victim compensation.

Let us put that into perspective: that figure equals 37,500,000 (thirty seven million, five-hundred-thousand) average lifetimes, or 8 million, 219 thousand ,178 years in geological history, which would put us in the Miocene Era when apes first appeared during the age of the prehistoric primates — and before man…

Numbers of that magnitude should stagger us:

1 million dollars end to end = 97 miles of dollars end to end

x 1000 makes one billion or  97,000 miles of dollars end to end

x 3 (billion) = 97,000,000  (97 million) miles of dollars end to end, or more than the distance from the earth to the sun (92,955,887 miles).

You have given that much money in the basket — to be given to lawyers, courts, and victims of homosexual predatory priest-bishop-cardinal abusenot to “the poor and the marginalized”


On top of this … we are now asked  by Francis to contribute even more money to “Peter’s Pence” as well — which has ZERO accountability in spending your money — every single year?

And that is in America alone …

Well … Francis — sorry; not this year!


Read: Archbishop Viganò’s Letter to Pope Francis
Read: Open-Letter-to-the-Bishops-of-the-Catholic-Church-2019
Read: Letter-to-Pope-Francis-from-Catholic-Women-30-Aug-2019
Read: Father Weinandy’s Letter to Francis

Also see:


Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal

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