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The Oppression of the Church by the State

The Oppression of the Church by the State

The Shameful Submission of the Church to the State:

A Diabolical Reciprocity


hich is more despicable; which more vile and absolutely reprehensible?

The Iron Fist of the Liberal State or the Spineless State of Catholic Bishops?

I cannot clearly decide which induces the greater volume of nausea within me. I lean to the latter upon whom I would justly spew it.

On the one hand we have the Liberal State which remorselessly crushes religion with no regard for human rights — shuttering and padlocking churches, synagogues, and mosques under threat of imprisonment and financial ruin if breached by priest, rabbi, minister, or imam ... and their congregations — under the “benign” and gossamer-thin auspices of “care” for the people — not, of course, the unborn, for such deep concern and compassion extends only so far, leaving the abattoirs, or abortuaries open as “essential” to killing babies.  Right …

… and on the other hand, not just a fringe clique, but an entire Episcopacy (effectively all the Bishops in the world including the self-famous “Bishop of Rome”, Francis) — the counterfeit successors of the holy Apostles themselves (one and all martyred for the Faith except for Saint John) and virtually  all of them, each of them, are cowards eager to feed at the hand of the State and appease prevailing liberal “social and political correctitude” — doing the bidding of the State rather than serving God Almighty in that unsurpassed and arduous work once called “the Salvation of Souls.”

From Francis down — from that contemptible “prelate”, Blaise Cupich, to the homosexualist Jesuit James Martin — one and all cry out to the pagan Liberal State — which detests God and Church: “Serviam!” “I will serve!”

A Cruel Redundancy

If a Catholic layman wishes to worship God at Mass, it is forbidden by the State — for his own good, you understand … Comply or go to jail. If a pious priest performs a baptism or wedding or (forbid!) hears a desperate Confession, the police will come first and arrest both him and the recipients of the sacrament — after which his bishop surely would bitterly and stridently protest the persecution … no?

No. The bishop will further penalize the offending priest ecclesiastically (remove him from this parish1 or possibly send him to a special ward in one of the mental hospitals (every diocese has at least one) for “rehabilitation” — I mean, “re-education” — or if the priest is a Religious (a Benedictine, or Franciscan, for example, or an Oratorian) the bishop may suppress (disband, dissolve) not only the offending priest but the Religious community itself from which he came. Not only will the State persecute the priest, but his own bishop will — who is more a servant of the State than the Church. Archbishop George Stack in Cardiff, Wales, for example, knows of these things lately and appears eager to do the bidding of the State.

That he, and all the other recreant bishops in the Catholic Church (that is to say, most of them)  may rot in Hell for this, appears to be of little concern to “His Excellencies” who weigh things “exceeding fine” on the socio-political scale … lest their often palatial residences and perquisites be examined too carefully by the State — and their tribute to their real masters be found wanting.

Literally, the devil is in the details.

Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal

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(Apocalypse 3.8)

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