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The Unmaking of America

When the Dream Became a Nightmare

June 27, 2015

Constitution of the United States - cancelled

The Day Perversion became Policy


On this day, June 27, 2015, the Supreme Court of America began what turned out to be the remarkably facile process of unmaking what had been, until the ascendancy of Obama in 2008, the making of America as a land of religious liberty, the indefeasibility of personal conscience, freedom of speech, and freedom from religious and political persecution. It was a land free of tyranny and unstained by despotism. One thought freely and one expressed oneself freely: without fear of an iron fist to stifle either. The public square was the venue of competing thoughts and challenging ideas — not a stage for staged protests by adult and largely spoiled prepubescents.

No one owned the square and no one could evict you from it. Civility ruled in a civil society.  The rule of the mob was a blight from the past — the name-calling, the branding, the scurrilous labeling of those who disagreed with you: these were, after all, the hallmarks of fascism long banished by the Great Generation. That is, until the Left  — that cubistic pastiche of self-acclaimed academics, self-styled revolutionaries, militant atheists, and hate-mongers took ownership of the square and cordoned off democracy for the exclusive use of the faux-illuminati who turned out to be no more enlightened than the National Socialists of Germany in 1933.

Thoughtless, monotonous, and easily-memorized slogans (“What do we want?” … “When do we want it? Now!”) replaced rational thought and legitimate speech (speech requires mind, slogan only requires the monotony of stultifying voices). It is essentially the perpetual cry, and the sole thought-process, of children: “We want it! And we want it now! And if you don’t give it to us now we will throw a fit, sulk, cry, and grate on you until you relent.” Ask any parent who has raised spoiled children on the pabulum of Dr. Spock. We have learned that if you piss and moan a lot you will get your way because you are too obnoxious to be further tolerated by thin-skinned and “enlightened” parents more concerned with the feng shui of their house than the character of their children. This is where they often first learn how to win: by virtue of sound — not by merit.


All that changed today. The Supreme Court arrogated to itself the right  — hitherto reserved to God Who Himself instituted it — to redefine marriage ... no longer as the union of one man and one woman (from time immemorial)  — and to accord this divine dignity by nothing less than political fiat,  to a perverse but wealthy fringe of homosexuals and lesbians intent on unraveling, and then destroying the fabric of the family in America. But, of course, it first it had to be “redefined” by those who never possessed the audacity of  having first defined what had always been understood.

The implications are enormous. America, as it had been, no longer is. It is the land of the perverse and the home of the muzzled. Freedom was not enhanced this 27th day of June 2015 — it was marginalized, “redefined”, and brutally crushed by the few for the few, by the powerful over the powerless, by those who govern, over the governed.

Today, the concept of the family was not redefined by law. It simply ceased to exist. The American experiment was grand, but because it was good and largely religious, it was ultimately doomed to failure. The good ever antagonizes evil, and the content, the malcontent.

Does it really surprise you?

The Precedent

Whence, perforce, we must ask, comes the power that crushes what will not adulate it? Who gave them this power? The answer was provided over 2000 years ago:

“And the devil led Him into a high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time, and he said to Him: To Thee will I give all this power, and the glory of them; for to me they are delivered, and to whom I will, I give them. (St. Luke 4.5-6)

All this power and the glory of them ... are delivered to me  — and to whom I will, I give them.” Ponder this ... and the terrible predicament in which we find ourselves today.

Then ask yourself for whom — and what  — you really voted in 2008 — and yet again in a paroxysm of stupidity, in 2012. How will you answer your children and grandchildren for what you have done, what you have made possible. Or will you, too, be (dare we say) a “denier”? Will you deny the state its pound of flesh and teach your children in the (once secret) confines of your house? In the dark? In “Priest-holes” like Recusants in 16th century England? What if they, the little ones,  inadvertently speak of it outside the home (Es ist möglich)? Indeed, in this godless technocracy is there any place to hide from Big Brother who has big problems with your choosing God over them, over the policy, over the agendum ... that you yourself ratified when you voted ultimately for your children — if, biologically, any more are forthcoming.

What have you taken from them that you yourself, once enjoyed — and why?

When we banished God from America, we banished the source of all our blessings. We worshipped at the altar of politics and race and gender and correctitude. Is it any wonder we now worship “false and lying gods”? The pantheon is now in Washington. Go. Worship there … because your house, your Church, your family has been pulled down here. At the expense of being crass, you kissed their asses already … and because you have, you cannot kiss your children.

Goodbye America  — until a better comes along or the real thing, thrown down in tatters of red, white, and blue revivifies or finds a more worthy nation. And at the moment there is no such on the earth.

Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal

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