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Vatican “Sex Abuse Summit”:

 ... a disgraceful travesty; nothing more

l Blaise Cupich attempting to refute the irrefutable point that homosexuals are responsible for the homosexual sexual abuse in the Church

“Pansies clearly are not flowers — that is only an hypothesis to be proven”

Cardinal Cupich’s comments at today’s Vatican press conference show that he denies any causal connection between homosexuality or a homosexual subculture and sexual abuse, even though he doesn’t deny that 80 percent of the abuse is same-sex  ... Cupich ... refuses to investigate whether there is a tacit agreement among homosexual prelates to cover up such abuse.”
See more at It is vital that you understand the following to grasp the hypocrisy, duplicity, and deceit involved:

  • “Homosexual rape” is never addressed as such at this “summit”. Instead, it is routinely spoken of only in terms of “misconduct — which can be virtually any unacceptable behavior. The infamous Father Paul Shanley of St. Patrick’s in Stoneham was convicted for “raping a child” — he was not convicted for “misconduct”.

  • Men who force women into sexual acts are not guilty of “misconduct” — they are committing rape.

  • Every single bishop — apparently by prearranged agreementsubstituted the word “misconduct” for “rape”

  • Every single bishop used a Vatican-minted and sanitized neologism:  “male-on-male sex” instead of “homosexual sodomy” or “homosexual sex”

Apparently — very apparently — they do not want to bring the word “homosexuality” into disrepute — in perhaps an effort to protect themselves.

Ask yourself the following: Since when is forcefully (or even consensually) sodomizing another man merely a case of “misconduct”?  It is a horrific sin and a crime before God and man. (Romans 1.27

And yet Archbishop Scicluna in a paroxysm of absurdity maintains that:

I don’t think in anything that’s happened here anyone has suggested that people with homosexual tendencies equal people who are abusing [minors], and that should be clear.”


Scicluna is in apparent need of an electroencephalogram to certify that he is not brain-dead ... or he flat-lined upon uttering that absurdity. May I suggest an alternative, and even more compelling narrative, Scicluna?

That IS the whole conspicuous and utterly indisputable point! 

It  IS  homosexuals who are committing these crimes and Church bureaucrats refuse to acknowledge it — no matter how much evidence is amassed before them.

It is the resolute refusal to believe the obscene, the scatological reality that actually exists — and an attempt to build an entirely fictional reality in place of it; a narrative in which homosexuals are the “oppressed victims” who are at least implicitly “discriminated against” for raping and sodomizing other men — and yes, children!

It is not “conjecture” ... it is not “a hypothesis” — IT IS INCONTESTABLE!

Credibility Score for the Church as of 23 February 2019:  minus 100. In other words, NONE! ZERO. ZIP!

This is not a myopic perspective confined to traditional Catholic media. Consider the following excerpts from the secular media:

“THE CATHOLIC CHURCH’S decades-long practice of enabling and systematically covering up the rape and molestation of children by priests is by now sickeningly familiar. Yet the scale of abuse; the breadth and depth of trauma inflicted by predators wearing Roman collars; and the coldbloodedness of senior church figures zealous in their resolve to protect the church but indifferent to the suffering of minors, retain their power to shock the conscience.”  —  Washington Post


IT IS EVIDENT that the Catholic Church is incapable on its own of exorcising the scourge of clergy sex abuse. The scandal raged unchecked for decades and, even after it was exposed in 2002 by the Boston Globe , has been met by the church hierarchy with denial, temporizing, stone walling and half-measures.”  —  Washington Post


Even as apologists for the Vatican and the clergy continue peddling the myth that the Catholic Church’s pedophile scandals simply reflect society’s problems, the weight of evidence is overwhelming proof to the contrary. Thousands of American priests weaponized faith, as Mr. Shapiro said, taking advantage of their status and access to children to prey on them. They left uncountable thousands of victims in their wake.” —  Washington Post

I don’t believe a word of Francis, the prime facilitator of this abomination. I don’t believe the bishops’ factitious sincerity, their “perplexity”, their suddenly epiphanous realization of this detestable state of affairs that has lacerated the Church for the last 50 years and beyond. I especially do not believe their sanctimonious “truthfulness” for a minute — or even as much as their clearly impaired cognitive faculties.

But I DO believe in their willingness to enter into complicity to continue to conceal, to contrive nonsensical verbal schemes to confuse the issue, to lie, to equivocate, to publicly insult the intelligence of ordinary men and women, and to try to expunge the absolutely vile and incontestable issue of homosexual predation in the Church from “further consideration” — and to prevent any further intrusion into their dark, deep, and salacious network.

Of course, this is, as Cupich would insist, a mere “hypothesis to be proven”, mere conjecture, an opinion only  —  despite the testimony of thousands of victims.

These are not cardinals and bishops — they are not even “men”; they are spiders and fliesan unparalleled disgrace in the history of the Church, and personally responsible, each of them, all of them, for the loss of countless souls who abandon the Church in disgust.


Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal


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