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A Tale of Two Popes

The Newest “Paradigm”

The Emeriti, Resignation, and Dissolution


It is reported that “Pope Francis says he hopes for the grace to know when to quit.” (we ourselves humbly submit that the time has long passed)

Given the scandalous and illicit machinations of more than a handful of cardinals that resulted in what can only frankly be described as a papal coup resulting in Francis’s usurping the Seat of Peter — may we suggest that he reflect upon the fact that he relinquished that grace the moment he accepted— in full complicity — his “nomination” — given all the corrupt antecedents to which he willingly and wittingly assented.

That moment — which will likely be more a moment of calculated opportunity than “grace” — is, may we suggest:


The man of “grandiose public humility” and “intolerable private arrogance” still hopes, it would appear, to retain that public image by doing — of course — a publicly celebrated act-of-all-acts-of-humility: relinquishing the power he lusted for. Having accomplished the de facto ruin of the Church, he, too, can resign … just as Benedict did. His infamous motto, “Make a mess!” having been effected, he can now leave the mess to others: a deeply broken and divided Church that has lost virtually all continuity with its 2000-year-old identity preceding 1963 and the notorious Second Vatican Council. The mirror into which she long looked that was resplendent with the Glory of God and which indefeasibly understood itself in terms of the Salvation of Souls (Salus animarum) was defaced by the thoroughly Modernist “Council Fathers”, and the reflection became at first indistinct, then gradually nebulous, distorted, refracted, and finally opaque. Francis merely took a hammer to it and shattered it as something worthless — not because it was now unrecognizable, but because it was redundant: a mere reflection of “the world” — that obscured the face of God.

It is not that Francis likely ever sought the latter and only destroyed it when he found that it was not made in his image after all, but that there was no image — only an empty frame through which the world peered.


The latest “New Paradigm” — EMERITI?

A duplex can be made of the Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo and the now “Emeriti Benedict and Francis” can both retire to pursue matters more to their liking while another Emeritus-in-waiting resumes the deconstruction of the Catholic Church as the rank effluence of the Rhine continues to flow into the Tiber. Eventually a theological flood will obliterate all distinctions: Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli will be rehabilitated and monumentalized (a statue of Luther already occupies a place of reverence in the Hall of Pope Paul I at the Vatican) as precursors to “The New Paradigm” that must, of ecumenical necessity, embrace Allah, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, and Buddha, together with Neo-Paganism and Spiritism (to mention a few) in a Pantheon that sublates and reconciles all competing gods — regardless of their own abhorrence of ecumenism as the illogical nonsense that it is. The atheist Lenin had once entertained the notion of “The Withering Away of the State” into a Proletarian Paradise. The “Conciliar” and “Post-Conciliar” Fathers will have “The Withering Away of Catholicism” — and every vestige of Christianity into a Pantheistic Paradise. If atheism and Catholicism equally abolish Jesus Christ as an impediment to Pantheistic Ecumenism — what is the difference?


The most pressing question appears to be this: whence this self-loathing — this distancing of Catholicism to the point of vanishing? Who can possibly be agitating for so wicked an enterprise? Let us take another tack: Cui bono? Who benefits from this “deconstruction” to the point of annihilation? It is … Devilishly clever … no? Who has ever propagated lies from the very beginning?

And now we are confronted with yet another “new paradigm”: the resignation of the papacy as de rigueur. 2000 years of popes (save one) stayed until death (or murder) — but Benedict, still a pope, with the suffix “emeritus” as though a retired professor of philosophy (PS: There has never been a “Pope Emeritus” until Benedict fled.) It is a fabricated “title” necessary to the amicable co-existence of two popes. We are, for all purposes, back to Avignon except that one hand is now washing the other, and there is no vying for primacy. Why would contention exist? The two are really one. That fleeting hope for a return to authenticity under the papacy of Benedict briefly quelled voices despairing of the increasingly liberal state of the Church — just long enough, perhaps, to engineer the juggernaut of brooding Modernism that would tear down the walls of the Church … from within — and after Francis tosses the last brick over his shoulder he will “retire” with much satisfaction and to great acclaim, having succeeded in reframing the Chair of Saint Peter to accommodate the recreant “reformer” Luther he so admired  … and emulated.

Holy Mother Church has consistently survived Her persecutors. Francis, Kasper, Marx, Danneels, and many, many others will pass. She will remain … as Christ promised — even if only “two or more are gathered in His Name” (Saint Matthew 18.20).  Little wonder, then, that Christ asked, “When the Son of Man comes will He find faith on earth?” (Saint Luke 18.8)

The question is no longer rhetorical.


Boston Catholic Journal

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