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Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Hilllary Clinton, Democrat and Deity

“… deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

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(Democratic Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton, April 24, 2015 at the Women in the World Summit in New York City 2015)


How is that, Hillary? If they “have to be changed”, how will that be done?

Will you set up a commission to re-write the Bible?

Or will you ban it as “hate-speech”?

Will you push for an amendment to the Constitution to nullify the First Amendment which prohibits:

“impeding the free exercise of religion” together with the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”?

Will you deploy the National Guard to empty churches?

Outlaw religious gatherings?


The Democrat’s Deity

Unlike your infamous predecessor who declared that it was “above his pay grade” when demurring from answering a deeply ethical question concerning abortion, you have no such hesitation. After all, only a god can re-write or revise a religion … and since you are necessitating such a change, the inference is inescapable, isn’t it?

If your platform is to change religious beliefs — and you ardently wish to; indeed, will strive to — what else are you willing to change in lesser matters concerning the laws governing this country?

And, O, yes, the rights once “enshrined” within it? It is, after all, a far easier endeavor for an apparent goddess who is greater, wiser, more enlightened and more compassionate than the True and Living God that you have replaced… to change mere laws than to change the content of religion. Yes?

Indeed, how do you propose to change the conscience of a people or a nation to accord with your own vision of what we should believe “according to Hillary”?

Perhaps start with classrooms? The earliest grades possible! Yes! By Executive Order you can mandate the teaching of atheism — (although, in all honesty, atheism is a religion, as well) to our children much as Stalin mandated the schooling of children in his own atheistic “Party” ideology (although that did not work, did it?).

You can outlaw the teaching of religion in the home!

You can even send in the police to confiscate Bibles and religious literature, and like Hitler have them burned to purify your own ideology of any dissidence (you even have company in Saudi Arabia and other strict Muslim countries who have Religious Police and do precisely that … but then, they are doing it in the name of Islam, a religion, so maybe the analogy is not altogether appropriate).

How can you set yourself up against God (the greatest good) and anticipate a good outcome?

Tell me, Hillary, who was the first to set himself up against God (hint: non serviam!) and what do we call him? You are not original. You are not even a good counterfeit.

But someone has to break it to you, Hillary: you are not God.

In many ways you are much closer to His enemy … and ours.

Boston Catholic Journal


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Boston Catholic Journal

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