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The Vicarage

I think it well to enter in the fray
Concerning matters ecclesiastical today,
Indeed, I must, for few there are who dare
To countenance a madman in his chair
Who himself will brook no man or God
If either contradict, or otherwise impair
His self-acclaim, which Godless men applaud.

The Vicarage a brothel of idols holds —
A pantheon of deities enfolds,
Each one is held the true and living God
And not a prelate thinks it odd
That the sacrilege which he promotes
The pantheistic and abhorrent fraud
Should be offensive were there One true God.

The world and that dark prince thereof,
Lays siege that city bled of Christ’s surpassing love
Pulls down the scarlet walls that martyrs built
And raises pagan ramparts foul with soil and silt
Exalts what is profane where erstwhile sacred things
Upon a time reserved to God were gilt
Become outcast as dross, or bastardly offsprings.

The Vicar is a clever man, his house
While Lord delays is given to carouse
And should Lord come he’ll proudly disavow
His vicarage less sovereign, and endow
His petty wasteland with a mere pretense
Of cardinals, bishops, clerics, at whose vow
He claims all power at the soul’s expense.

This Fiction born of men’s desires
For all reflexive and perverse aspires
A simulacrum of the true creates
A whited sepulcher which contaminates
All within with all corruption, ills,
Due of each cleric the Vicar elevates
In repayment for the office he now fills.

This parallel and perverse Abode
Now crumbles as the facades corrode
Allowing witness of erstwhile hidden crimes
Perpetrated in these last evil times
Ecumenical which rends the True Bride’s dress
To share Her Body that strangers may caress
And violate the Bride Who is One, YES!
With Her Divine Spouse alone — and no ill-invited guest!


The Groom well we know a jealous God
Who binds in wrath each suitor who has trod
Upon the Bride and torn at Her chaste gown
With sundered veil, wantonly pulling down
the Spouse of Christ, as though they could prevail
Against the Groom Who with a sword and crown
Will gather up the Bride and throw all suitors down!


Joseph Mary del Campos
for the Boston Catholic Journal
October 5th, 2021
Saint Placidus and Companions, Company of Martyrs

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