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What are we to Make of Francis and Friends?


Pope Francis scowling

Cardinal Godfried Danneels Cardinal Walter Kasper Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor Cardinal Achille Silvestrini Archbishop Alois Kothgasser Archbishop Lubomyr Husar

Sankt Gallen Group (Mafia) which admittedly manipulated the Election of Francis



He has the audacity to contradict Holy Scripture — which is the Word of God Himselfby effectively abrogating the 6th of the 10 Commandments: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” ( ...“except in certain circumstances ...”)

He has mandated a correction of the Lord’s Prayer itself — which is the only formulated prayer given by Jesus Christ to His Apostles and followers in the entire New Testament — to accord with prevailing pastoral sensitivity and theological clarity from a “stylistic viewpoint”  —  although Francis knows nothing of Greek.

He surrounds himself with cardinals, bishops, priests, and influential people sympathetic to the loathsome perversion of homosexuality which he does not feel competent to morally assess despite clear Old Testament and Pauline condemnations — although as pope, he is the teacher preeminent of Catholic morality which explicitly condemns homosexuality.

He bows before and kisses the feet of politicians, but will rarely accord Jesus Christ the same adulation in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar — where He is really and truly present.

He is a strident and outspoken advocate of Environmentalism but rarely speaks out against Abortion. Children in the wombs of mothers who wish to murder them find no refuge in the Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth, who is apparently too busy defending fish and non-human mammals against plastic bags.

He finds the “wisdom of Amazonian elders” of greater depth and perspicacity than God and His prophets — oh, yes, and “wiser” than Christ Himself (Who is God and man).

He envisions a restructured humanity that will “benefit” from a utopian “return” to the simplistic “natural” lifestyle of indigenous Amazon aborigines — as distinct from “the extractive monsters of modern technology, medicine, and science.” That such a “return to nature” (rather than a turning to God — which what Francis should be doing as pope) entails accepting malaria, equine encephalitis, yellow fever, dengue, Oropouche, leprosy, viral hepatitis parasitic tegumentary leishmaniasis (a parasitic protozoan), cholera, diphtheria, Kaposi sarcoma–associated herpes virus disease,1 deformity, death, ignorance, and physical hardship —  is of little consequence given the mythical benefits of a “life attuned to nature”. To squat in malarial mud is unquestionably superior to crafting a chair which is an artificial construction involving “extractive technologies such as crude wooden tools that themselves were “extracted” from the very environment they manipulate …

Religion is of secondary or tertiary importance. We must never foist Christianity or Jesus Christ on pagans who have their own gods of nature. That is the now the forbidden practice of “proselytism”; conversion, as a matter of course, is thus frowned upon and discouraged as a form of western religious imperialism. They have their own Shamans, after all, and Animism provides a plethora of gods. Why preach the Gospel when “capitalistic western industrial and agricultural extractivism” is the only perceptible evil? Heaven? It is here ... in the “Amazonian Face” — from which we must learn!

He contemptuously ignores questions of the greatest import insisting that he “will not say one word” about allegations against him, and does not respond to pleas for clarity on Catholic doctrine from bishops, theologians, scholars, and laymen. The Catholic doctrine that “the First See (the pope) is judged by no-one” has been used by Francis as both a screen and a cudgel — the ecclesiastical equivalent of invoking the Fifth Amendment in U.S. Constitutional Law. In other words, Francis tells those who politely and with great humility ask questions of him, “I don’t wanna answer and you can’t make me. I’M Francis — I’m THE POPE above everyone and every law except God Himself — and even there I make changes as I see fit — and God had better damn well cooperate!


The litany is far too long and has been discussed ad nauseam to no avail. Francis will do as he will, and change the Church, and perhaps extinguish Catholicism, to accommodate his world and worldly view.


Francis is a madman
Francis may be possessed
Francis detests the Catholic Church of 2000 years
Francis well may be an atheist.

Do you laugh? His new “god of surprises” may surprise you yet!


The Baying of Wolves

Oh … yes … one more lesson: if it hasn't occurred to you yet: Vatican II was a psychedelic farce and the Woodstock “bishops” are still feeding psilocybin mushrooms to the few seminarians left.

Many Catholics know the Holy Roman Catholic Church that existed for 2000 years, and understand that is indispensible to salvation: they know it as the now-despised Church before the blasphemous Council of Vatican II — but this is absolutely frightful: they cannot find it, and do not know where it is or where it has gone. It is no longer in Rome. It does not exist in their cities and towns. There are half a dozen claimants to retaining the one, true, holy Catholic Faith that the Second Vatican Council repudiated in favor of the world. Which one is true? Are any true? And if not, WHERE HAS HOLY MOTHER CHURCH GONE AND WHERE CAN WE FIND HER?

Christ is faithful unto the consummation of time — but His Bride, the Church, is now altogether elusive.

Since Vatican II the Sheepfold has been torn down and its gates are in ruins. The sheep are astray and cannot find their pasture. They hear no voice they recognize 2  —  only the baying of wolves.

The Lesson to be Learned

Teach your children the true holy Catholic Faith — because no one else will.

Even if it was never taught to you (and it probably was not), learn it — teach it — and live it.


Beneath the photograph of Francis appear the conspirators who machinated his election to the Seat of Saint Peter, from left to right:

Cardinal Godfried Danneels of Belgium, Cardinal Walter Kasper of Germany, Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini of Italy, Archbishop Cormac Murphy-O'Connor of England and Wales, Cardinal Achille Silvestrini of Italy, Bishop Ivo Fürer of Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, Archbishop Alois Kothgasser of Austria, and Cardinal Lubomyr Husar of Ukraine  —  et alia.


2  Saint John 10.5

Geoffrey K. Mondello
Boston Catholic Journal


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